Thursday, April 15, 2010


My husband lives in a constant state of Red Alert.

The terrorists are only moments away and the world is one big fat ticking time bomb.

He also thinks that everyone is listening in on his phone calls.

“Okay, so when I call, you just answer yes or no. Got it?”

“Got it. Can I call you Chief Titty Ca-Ca?”



“Remember, you never know who is listening so I’ll tell you the important stuff in Spanish alright?”

Oh yes, because Spanish….is… a… secret…… language.

“ola-hay enor-say”

“What are you doing?”

“Practicing my Spanish pig latin”

“Stop it, I’m serious”

“The yellow dog pees at three o’clock”

“Would you please…”

“The brown stain flows swiftly down the drain”

“Stop it!”

“Sorry, just getting into character”

Sheesh…so serious for an undercover agent.

I barely listen to him, what the hell makes him think someone else wants to?

Monday, April 12, 2010

If A Blog Posts In The Forest...

I received an email the other day from someone who had some blogging questions and had it been a phone call, I’d have thought she had the wrong number but there it was in my very own inbox.

I felt bad because I had no real answers to give her and when she asked me some technical questions, well… I was even less help. But then she asked what kind of posts she could write in order to get more traffic to her site…. and that’s when it hit her…

Coming to me was a complete waste of time.

Because I felt it was the truth, I told her that what each blogger posts is a very personal thing. Something that only she could decide.

She never wrote me back and I can’t say that I blame her but feeling completely useless does not sit well with me so I wanted to redeem myself in some way and maybe give a hand as I remember so many of these questions when I first started blogging – and mainly because I am still searching for the answers myself.

I'm not big on blog or any other kind of advice-because what the hell do I know- but the conversation reminded me of one of the first posts I'd ever written almost a year ago.

I'm dusting it off the blog shelf and posting it here in hopes that it reaches the right spot.

And who knows, she might even write me back one day (-:

What would you guys have said?


If a Blog Posts In the Forest Does it Still Make an Impact?

Ahem…Testing…Testing…1 2 3, is this thing on?

Since I have become addicted to Blogging, I haven’t given that much thought as to who (if anyone) was reading my blogs or what (if at all) kind of impact my words would actually have in the dense forest of so many wonderful and highly talented bloggers.

Would I even be noticed?

Would anyone read a word of what I’ve written?

Who knows? Not who cares…let’s not get crazy. But who really knows?

I have been so all consumed with the creation of each and every blog post that burns to get out of me that I haven’t looked back much. Once I am finished with one post, I am just itching to get on to the next.

So if I write a blog and nobody reads it and it doesn’t change the world, what’s the point right?


My blog posts admittedly will never change the world but I have to say that they have certainly changed me.

Reading blogs have also been mind altering. I have read many a blog and though I might not have commented on all of them, they definitely did and continue to enlighten, educate, amuse and comfort me in ways that I wouldn't have ever imagined.

Once your words are out there, who knows who they will touch?

You may never know or…. you could be rewarded with some lengthy detailed comments below your posts that acknowledge and validate all of your efforts. That would be the ultimate topping on a true heart-felt blog post.

In either case, if blogging moves you, it is enough. If having a platform for your passionate thoughts and ideas is giving you a secret thrill….believe me, you will move others. Passion gets around.

It’s the real deal.

Well, here’s hoping that all of us Still Waters continue to produce stirring internal and external blog waves!

Surfed or not (-:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Screw That Cap!!

Dumb ass nonsense is good for the soul.

So is verbally kicking someone's ass once in a while.

If I had a dollar for every time that I shot my mouth off whenever I wanted to…well, I’d have about a dollar but that’s not the point.

What would happen if we took the lid off our manners?

Unscrewed the cap off our social graces?

….Venereal carnage?

….Blood axed brains and fork stabbed eyeballs?

….Sex drugs and rock and roll?

That sounds kinda mild now doesn’t it?

Ahh, we’ve come so far.

I know that it is very unhealthy to keep everything bottled up inside and that people who vent are less apt to drop dead.

And I don't want to die too!

Maybe the reason we are all so full of angry-fizz underneath our caps is because we keep it locked down so tight that it never gets any air thus creating even more angry-fizz when shaken.

I am full of fizz.

But you already know this.

So I was thinking that if we all just let loose a few times? Eventually the fizz would go flat and all would be well.

Or we’d all be dead.

I'm willing to take my chances.

Sense or Stupidity?

You be the judge.

I'm so ready to try it. My only question would be -who gets it first?

Ready to take the lid off?

Who would you start with?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hi Ho The Merry Yo - The Blogger Takes a Wife

Tracie over at Stir Fry Awesomeness, who, btw, is awesomeness stirsonified, got me to draw a very important conclusion when, a while back, she was wishing for a sister wife.

And unfortunately, I've come to the conclusion that my husband is just not woman enough for me.

Man enough yes.

Woman enough?

Umm... not so much.

So I've decided to move forward with legal proceedings to procure a Half-Wife.

If the law recognizes half brothers and half sisters, I see no reason why my efforts should be thwarted as my case is 100% woman-based rationalized which makes it ...well, kind of real.

My only obstacle is getting my husband to understand that he does not get the other half of my Half Wife.

She is all mine.

Her primary functions will be to but are not limited to:

Refereeing all arguments in my favor & understanding what I'm talking about at all times.

Basic mind reading skills a plus.

I'm not asking for that much am I?

In return for her services.... haven't quite gotten that far yet but if she's half the man I think she'll be, we'll all live happily ever after.

It could work right? (-:

This is the coolest ever! Thank you Lauren for this Psycho Carnival Award!!

This is the coolest ever! Thank you Lauren for this Psycho Carnival Award!!
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Thanks to Diane over at Just Humor Me-Rules for this award: Drink & Blog-Do you see why I love her?
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Thank you Linda! How cool is this award from my buddy over @thegoodthebadtheworse? I know right?
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I Won!!! The Golden Phallus #32 Is Mine!!! Many thanks  to The Screaming Me-Me!!!!
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Thanks so much to Margaret over at & Katsconfessions.blogspot.
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The Rosie Award Comes Home!!!
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